When people need tree surgeons, they come to us.

We are passionate about the maintenance and the preservation of trees. We are always able to offer expert advice on any work you may want to carry out and always work to industry best practice, so you can be sure of the work we carry out for all our customers.

Tree pruning

We will come and assess the work that needs doing on your trees, as every job is a little different and all trees' needs are a little different.

Crown reduction

This work is carried out on a tree to reduce the height or spread of the tree. This can be done with careful pruning and should not harm the tree, leaving a naturally balanced and shaped tree.

Crown thinning

This reduces crown density without affecting the size. It can reduce wind resistance to avoid potential damage to the tree and any neighbouring buildings, during storm conditions.

Crown lifting

This is where the lower reaching branches are removed to improve light penetration, access to nearby areas, or even to improve the view beyond the tree without its removal.

Tree felling

If the decision has been made to remove the tree altogether, you can rest assured our team will carry out this work without the added damage to property or surrounding areas.
Tree pruning
Tree pruning specialists
For a prompt and reliable service, call Apex Tree Specialists in Bedfordshire on:

01234 327 830 or 07720 565 304
Tree felling

Trusted reputation for excellence

Established since 1999, Apex Tree Specialists are trusted in Bedfordshire and throughout Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire and Cambridgeshire. For all aspects of tree surgery, including crown thinning, tree pruning and tree felling, contact us today.
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